Yoga Home Practice Pack

My yoga home practice pack consists of two CDs and a collection of A4 spiral bound worksheets, one sheet per posture/practice. The cost is £15.00.  Order it here.

Line drawing of a yoga position from the Home Practice Pack

Each posture is illustrated with a clear line drawing similar to the one shown above. There are easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with appropriate safety information and useful additional tips. The cost is £15.00.

You will therefore be able to follow verbal instructions on the professionally produced recording or refer to the written word or illustration as necessary.

The recording and worksheets are divided into three sessions. The first is a short and easy morning "wake up" routine of about 7 minutes. The second is a series of postures and a short relaxation. The third is a more extended and advanced session with an "open ended" relaxation which can run for as long as you wish. The total recording time is just under 100 minutes.

Each session has been carefully designed to provide a variety of postures and to allow for personal modifications, additions etc. However, it should be thought of as a supplement to a weekly class rather than a "teach yourself" replacement. It is not suitable for absolute beginners.

The cost of the pack is £15.00. If you do not attend one of my classes, this can be sent by post for an additional £3.00

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