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I'm a contributor to the magazine Yoga and Health. In the May 2001 issue my article about teaching in sports/fitness centres referred to some of my handouts. As a result of the overwhelming response to this article, I have made some of these handouts available on a commercial basis. More will follow shortly.

The handouts are clearly written and well laid out. They are available to both teachers and student teachers.

Copyright remains with the author, but the purchase of the first copy of any student handout entitles any bona fide teacher or student teacher to photocopy the original for distributing to their students. This must be done free of charge or at a nominal sum (e.g. 10p per single sheet) to defray costs. Alternatively, you can order additional copies from me at a very competitive rate. These will be quality, laser-printed copies that won't run or smudge.

All handouts will be despatched by post in reinforced packing to avoid crumpling or tearing. On receipt of payment, single copies of any handout can, of course, be emailed post-free.

Available now:

  • Yoga – Frequently Asked Questions
    Note: This is not the same as the FAQs on this web site – they have been adapted to suit most teaching styles
  • Yoga safety for students
  • Suggested equipment and clothing
  • Suggested reading for students
  • The autonomic nervous system – fight or flight response
  • The Upanishads – a summary
  • The Bhagavad Gita – a summary
  • The Yoga Sutras – a summary
  • Yoga philosophy in a nutshell – 3 sheets listed above plus additional comments
  • Meditation techniques
  • Yoga, meditation and religion
  • Dealing with depression
  • Essay writing tips
  • The nature of prana
  • Mind & meditation – a theoretical model
  • Teaching in health/fitness/sports centres
  • Brainwaves – meditation and the brain
  • Producing a schedule of work
  • Blank forms for the above

Many more to follow: please send an SAE or email me for further details.

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