Kinesiology – this is a complementary therapy practiced by my partner, Diane Bitmead. Details on
Orgonomy – this is the scientific study of the orgone or life energy, which in yoga we call prana. Prana is the “fuel” for the chakra system (see “chakra balancing and therapy”). CORE does original research, publishing and courses for those who are interested in this radical science. You don’t have to be a trained professional to understand it. UK based.
The Independent Yoga Network (IYN) – set up to counter the growing corporatisation of yoga and its attendant “control freak” culture. Amongst other things, it runs a register of qualified teachers who share its values and a splendid yearly midsummer yoga festival.
Namaskaram –this is the on line magazine of the Independent Yoga Network, which I help to edit. Lots of lively articles by members and useful info. about forthcoming events etc.
Simon JonesSimon designed this website and many others. More details on

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