An Introduction to Chakrology: Chakra Theory, Balancing and Therapy

An Introduction to Chakrology: Chakra Theory, Balancing and TherapyChakras are vital energy centres in the human body. They are a subject of considerable interest to complementary therapists and yoga enthusiasts. When they are balanced, good health, both physical and emotional, is assured. This unique book shows how anyone with the right temperament, training and practice can learn how to locate, diagnose and treat the chakras. The author corrects the many myths and misconceptions that surround the subject and describes the anatomy of the chakra system and how it can be revitalised and retuned. He uses straightforward, “no bullshit” language aimed at aspiring (and existing) therapists and those who are simply interested in personal and spiritual development.

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A Yoga Garland

Front cover of 'A Yoga Garland'What is yoga? What is it all about? How did it come into being in its present form? These are the questions that the author attempts to answer in A Yoga Garland. It is not a “how to” book. It is an easy-to-understand overview of a unique “body-mind-spirit” system that holds the key to human advancement and liberation.

Starting with a definition and description of its ancient and misty origins and working through its intriguing history, the author describes its many fascinating mental, physical and spiritual styles and manifestations. He explains the reasons, social, political and psychological for its enthusiastic embrace in the West. Western yoga, he argues, is different from Eastern yoga, but it is still yoga nonetheless. Yoga has always been in a state of evolution and flux, just as human thought has. The yoga of the future will be different from the yoga of today, just as the yoga of distant prehistory was almost certainly different from that of the Middle Ages.

All yoga (even the most athletic and body centred) is, at heart, a mental discipline. Patanjali, whose “Yoga Sutras” are a keystone of yogic thinking, described it as “A stilling of the mind”. Future yoga, the author explains, must embrace the work of the Western psychotherapists and “bodymind” workers, as well as the old style yogins and mystics of India. Future progress lies in cultural and intellectual synthesis, not in a slavish adherence to the work of ancient thinkers, no matter how noble their ideas were.

Above all, yoga is about energy. When energy is inhibited or blocked, sickness and distorted consciousness results. Most humans are “dis-eased”, even when there is an absence of clinical symptoms. Western and Eastern ideas about the nature of this poorly understood “life force” are described.

A Yoga Garland will help those who attend a routine weekly class to “dig deeper” and understand the whole of yoga, not just the postures and breathing practices that, often for very good reasons, tend to dominate yoga practice in the West. From better understanding comes improved practice. It is an indispensable aid for teachers and student teachers in an easy to use A4 spiral bound format.

Jeremy Jones took up yoga as an antidote to his stressful and unhealthy life as a service engineer. He is now a full-time yoga teacher, researcher, poet and writer with training in yoga therapy, shiatsu and hypnotherapy. He has a special interest in bioenergetics and the psychological benefits of yoga.

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